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Snooze Co-Founder Plans Urban Winery in Denver

Attimo Wine Park will open this fall in LoDo

Attimo Wine
Attimo Wine
Jon Schlegel

While many Denverites are busy thinking about patio season, restaurateur Jon Schlegel has another season in mind: harvest. This fall, around the time when the grapes in wine country start to ripen, Attimo Winery plans to open its doors in downtown Denver’s Ballpark neighborhood.

This urban winery serving Italian wines and gourmet snacks is the sophisticated brainchild from one of the partners behind Snooze. Designed by SA+R, it will soon begin construction.

The “wine park,” as Schlegel calls it, will include an event space, a tasting room, piazza, and small kitchen for bar snacks. The building used to house a pawn shop, EZPAWN.

The draw, of course, will be wine. Attimo will offer three tiers of wine. The first tier, at $11 to $14 per bottle, includes Rossato, Bianco, and Rosso. The next line up costs between $15 and $25 for Arneis, Chardonnay, Dolcetto, Barbera, Nebbiolo, and a Reserve Blend. The last tier is the most expensive at $30-plus for a bottle of Barolo or Barbaresco. For those seeking a niche sip, Attimo has partnered with several Barolo suppliers to cultivate a list of eclectic bottles from Piedmont winemakers with smaller case productions.

There will also be a full bar so that friends need not abandon friends who’d prefer a Coors Banquet Beer or a Great Divide Yeti to a glass of Barbera D’Alba.

For Schlegel, why the move from brunch to wine? “I’ve literally had two professional dreams in my life,” Schlegel explains. “To open my own restaurant when I was 30 … and to move to Italy and understand how wine went from soil to bottle by the time I was 40.”

Schlegel in Piedmont
Jon Schlegel

After living in Piedmont in northwest Italy, Schlegel appreciates how wine can enhance a moment. The former wine buyer and sommelier named his new concept for the Italian word for moment, “attimo.”

Schlegel is working to lock down a start date for Attimo’s construction.

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