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Sandwich King Snarf’s Opens a 16th Location with Burger Joints on the Way

Snarf’s plans two burger locations this summer

Snarf’s Sandwiches
Snarf’s Sandwiches
Snarf’s Sandwiches/Facebook

Boulder-based Snarf’s Sandwiches opens its 16th location on Federal Boulevard in Denver on May 6. But that’s not the big news. Now the sandwich king branches out into burgers with two Snarfburger locations on the way.

The Denver Post reports that the locations, which sit next to existing Snarf’s Sandwiches locations, plan to serve beef patties, fried bologna sandwiches, and “frings,” with French fries and onion rings.

The new Snarf’s Sandwiches at 2527 Federal Blvd. lands one location, opening this summer, while Capitol Hill’s Ogden location earns the other, debuting later in 2019.

Snarfburger originally opened in 2013 in Boulder. Founder Jimmy “Snarf” Seidel opened the first Snarf’s Sandwiches in June 23 years ago.

Snarf’s Sandwiches, 2527 Federal Blvd., Denver, 303-702-4444; open Thursday to Monday, 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., through May.

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