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Hot Chicken Replaces Lobster Ramen on Grant Street

Lou’s Food Bar makes a comeback


IN 2017, restaurateur Frank Bonanno served his last brunch at the 38th Avenue restaurant Lou’s Food Bar. Now, he announced that he will resurrect the establishment at 701 Grant Street, which, until this past weekend, housed his Asian eatery Bones.

The updated Lou’s Food Bar will have a smaller menu similar to Bonanno’s Denver Milk Market stall, Lou’s Hot and Naked. This means lots of Nashville hot chicken.

Westwood reported that many fans of Bones are not happy about this decision.

Some of the Bones menu items will move to Denver’s Milk Market in the form of new food stall Bao Chica Bao (insert eye roll emoji here).

The Grant Street Lou’s Food Bar is scheduled to open mid-July. Stay tuned for details on the interiors, menus, hours, and more as they are made available. Fans of lobster ramen — feel free to vent in the comments.

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