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Kick Back with Caribbean Cocktails at Jungle from the Arcana Team

Boulder’s first tiki bar opened yesterday

Chloe Besson

Go on vacation in downtown Boulder. Jungle opened its doors in the former PMG space where the tiki cocktails and island wines flow. Alongside Caribbean inspired snacks and small plates, Jungle offers guests a full island living experience. The new concept comes from the team behind nearby restaurant Arcana.

Jungle is meant to be fun with a slice of history. The cocktail menu highlights the diverse roots of rum — each drink harking back to a place and its relevant spirit.

Take High off the Indo, for example, a drink that features Indonesian rum with banana, coconut cream, fenugreek and Thai peppercorn. The menu explains: “In 500 B.C. the people of Indonesia invented the first ‘rum.’ This means people have been having tiki parties for over 2,000 years.”

According to beverage director Jake Novotny, tiki is making a comeback.

“It’s an immersive escape that’s exotic and nostalgic all at the same time,” Novotny told Eater. “I think we can all agree that a two hour vacation is needed once in a while.”

Overall, Novotny’s menu comprises a mix of tropical flavors — sweet, sour, fruity and savory. Guests can expect an inventive, eclectic selection with offerings such as The Belefonte (Blanc Armagnac, pear William, Puerto Rican and Jamaican rum, ginger, cinnamon, and sparkling pear cider) or Rock Out with Your Conch Out (Aqua Amburana cachaça, Bolivian brandy, pineapple, cashew, lime, and XO chocolate bitters).

Heading up the “island wine list” at Jungle is Arcana’s advanced sommelier Michael Elmore. Wines span the globe from Santorini, Tasmania, New Zealand, and more.

Food options are also unique. Go to Jungle if you’re craving tropical noshes like a luau pork sandwich (on brioche with root veggie slaw and oregano chimichurri), a Jamaican beef patty (curried beef served with scotch bonnet and green sour cream) or coconut rice (accompanied by grilled vegetables, red beans and green mango vinaigrette).

From the bright lounge with plants galore to the large umbrellas on the patio, and sliding floor-to-ceiling windows in between, there is a place here for vacationers of all types to kick back with a beverage.

Jungle is open Tuesday through Sunday, from 3p.m. to 11p.m. at 2018 10th St, Boulder, CO.