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The Sweet Spot, a New Dessert Cafe, Is Coming Soon to the DU Neighborhood

Cakes, ice cream and boozy shakes

Ice cream


A new dessert cafe slated to open next month will bring cake, pie and other classic desserts, plus more contemporary concoctions such as boozy shakes, to a section of South Denver that is notably short on such sweets.

Sam Armatas, a former co-owner of the Cap City Tavern, tells Eater he plans to open The Sweet Spot at 1135 E. Evans Ave. sometime in early September.

The dessert cafe will be located in the former home of the Atticus vegetarian restaurant and next door to Devour The 303, the locally-focused American restaurant Amatas opened late last year.

Like Devour The 303, The Sweet Spot menu will be built around partnerships with other local purveyors of desserts. Those partners will include Glacier Ice Cream and cake makers BitterSweets Bakery and Azucar Bakery.

In addition to ice cream, cakes, pies and milkshakes (both boozy and non), The Sweet Spot will serve a range of adult dessert cocktails as well as wine and beer.

Armatas said he was inspired to open The Sweet Spot after noticing that South Denver is home to several ice cream parlors but little else when it comes to desserts.

“Closer to downtown you’ve got the D Bar and some other places but on the south side of Denver you either have ice cream or you have restaurants but you don’t have anywhere that’s just a comfortable place to take the kids or go on a date with your wife and have a glass of wine and a slice of cake,” Armatas said.

Though The Sweet Spot will be a separate space and entity from Devour the 303, Armatas said some of the desserts will be served at both establishments.

The Sweet Spot will be open from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily, though closing may be extended to 11 p.m. on Friday and Saturday nights.

Armatas said he hopes to announce an official opening date for The Sweet Spot by the end of the week.

The Sweet Spot

1135 E. Evans Ave. , Denver, CO 80210