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Justin Brunson Out as Executive Chef at Highland Farmhouse Staple Old Major

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Renowed chef plans to focus on his meat business

Justin Brunson stands inside Old Major
Justin Brunson stands inside Old Major
Adam Larkey

Juston Brunson is out as executive chef at Old Major, the chic restaurant with a farmhouse menu and vibe he opened on Tejon Street in Highland a little over six years ago.

Brunson will pass the reigns to current Old Major Chef De Cuisine Sarah Khosravani. Khosravani, 29, has quickly risen up the ranks since starting at Old Major as a line cook two-and-a-half years ago.

According to a press release, Brunson decided to step away as Executive Chef in order to focus on River Bear American Meats, a business he launched earlier this year that provides heritage sausage and deli meats to stores and retailers across Colorado.

However, Brunson will remain a partner in the Brunson Concepts ownership of Old Major and Khosravani says she is looking forward to continuing to learn from him.

Sarah Khosravani
Sarah Khosravani
Old Major [Official]

Khosravani, who is classically trained, says she hopes to add her own touch to the seasonal menus at Old Major starting with the new fall menu, which will debut on Oct. 2. She has previously created two other menus while working under Brunson.

Replacing Khosrvani as Chef De Cuisine is Justin Van Deest, who is being promoted to that position after two years of working in the kitchen at Old Major.

Old Major

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