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New Indian and Nepali Restaurant Rising in Greenwood Village

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Renovations of space underway but few other details known

The new exterior of Shangri La Indian & Nepali Restaurant
The new exterior of Shangri La Indian & Nepali Restaurant
Paul Albani-Burgio/Eater

The exterior of a vacant restaurant space in a Greenwood Village strip mall is now sporting a new look that suggests an Indian and Nepali restaurant is on the way.

The space at 5969 S. University Boulevard has been vacant since European fine dining restaurant Sansone’s Bistro closed after 14 years in early 2017. However, it now appears that vacancy won’t continue much longer as signage for Shangri La Indian & Nepali Restaurant recently appeared there while the exterior walls also have a new orange and red paint job.

Though the windows are currently papered over, a building permit for the installation of a new heater is partially visible in one. That permit lists the building’s owner as Cherry Hills Marketplace LLC. Cherry Hills Marketplace is the name of the strip mall that houses the space. Also visible is an exterior sign stating that the restaurant will be open from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.

No other details about the future restaurant or its ownership can be surmised from the space at this point. However, Eater will share more information about the new restaurant and its owners once it receives it.