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Boulder Has a New Spot for Rotisserie Chicken

And it’s also serving poutine

A close-up photo of nine rotisserie chickens roasting at Chicken on the Hill Photofusion/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

The scent of roasting chicken is the newest fixture on the Hill in Boulder following the opening of Chicken on the Hill there last month.

The new fast casual restaurant, which is located at 1335 Broadway, is focused on serving charcoal fired rotisserie chicken. Chicken on the Hill is the brainchild of Boulder Chef Matthew Koury, who developed the 2020 Food and Wine Bar and ran it from 2014 to 2018 before selling his stake in the business in order to pursue opening a new fast-casual restaurant in the area.

Koury is a 1993 graduate of the Culinary Institute of America in New York who moved to Boulder in 2009 after spending several years at top restaurants in Chicago and San Francisco.

A close-up photo of the upper half of a large and multicolored chicken sculpture on the patio at Chicken on the Hill
Chicken on the Hill
Chicken on the Hill [Official]

According to a press release, Koury began his process of developing the restaurant by researching methods for cooking rotisserie chickens. It was during that process that he came across a charcoal-fired rotisserie that uses charcoal as its only heat source and is used to “spatchcook” chickens.

Spatchcooking involves flattening a chicken after removing its backbone and sternum in order to expose more of its surface area to the fire. That method results in “a juicy, very tasty bird,” according to the release.

The chicken, which comes in quarter-bird and half-bird quantities, can be ordered with one or more of the restaurant’s six sauces, which include honey mustard, barbecue sauce, and ranch. There is also a piri piri sauce, a spicy pepper sauce traditionally eaten with rotisserie chicken.

Seats with black tables and yellow chairs in the dining space at Chicken on the Hill in front of the counter
Chicken on the Hill
Chicken on the Hill [Official]

The chickens are sold in combination with one to three sides. The eight side options include french fries, mac and cheese, Texas toast, spicy coleslaw, baked beans, and salad.

Other offerings include a poutine made with cheese curds and chicken gravy, a chicken slider and a chicken salad sandwich. Ice cream sandwiches are available for dessert while beverage options include craft beer, wine, and cocktails.

The simple dining room is designed for casual dining with both tables and counter seating. There is also a patio facing out to Broadway and the CU campus.

Chicken on the Hill

1335 Broadway Suite B, Boulder , CO 80302