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Cherry Creek Is Getting Its Own Shake Shack

BusinessDen reports an airport location is also in the works

A close-up photo of a Shake Burger with lettuce, tomato and cheese in a white paper wrapper on a trey
A Shake Shack burger
Ryan Dearth/Eater

Cherry Creek will be the home of the Denver metro area’s third Shake Shack, according to BusinessDen.

The business news site reported Monday that the popular New York-based burger chain is setting up in a ground floor office space inside the recently-completed 260 North office building at 260 North Josephine Street. BusinessDen also reported that Shake Shack is planning a location inside Denver International Airport.

According to BusinessDen, the 260 North building has 11,000 square feet of ground-floor retail space, of which Shake Shack will take up a portion.

Shake Shack began got its start as a cart in New York’s Madison Square Park in 2001 before moving into a stand in 2004. It opened its first Denver location at 2995 Larimer Street in RiNo in March of 2018. A second location opened at 1508 Park Central Drive in Highlands Ranch in July of that year.

BusinessDen reported that though it had learned of the plan for a Cherry Creek location from multiple sources, Shake Shack did not respond to requests from it for comment. Eater also reached out to Shake Shack for confirmation and comment but has not received a response.